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New Music from Wild Man Riddim

Wild Man Riddim just recorded two new songs and here is the live video session from Blitz:

Wild Man Riddim - Salska (Livesession Blitz)

Wild Man Riddim - Northwest (Livesession Blitz)

"World Frequency" from the brand new record out on Brixton records (


Also on vinyl through Brixton Records



Brage Rognlien needed a band to perform rythmic music for club nights at The Villa, a nightclub in Oslo. Brage and Martin called old friends and suddenly a band with Oslo´s finest ska/reggae musicians was founded. The band performed several nights at The Villa focusing on compositions by Brage, old jazz standards with a jamaican twist with lots of space for improvisation. The band later performed as backing band for Essa Cham, Kasimba, Nico D, Admiral P, Jah Ark Manifest and several other vocalists at Horten Reggae Festival in the summer of 2013. In december 2013 the band went to Silvertone studios to record their first LP simply called Wild Man Riddim released on Marsmelons Records. The LP was recorded live and became a fine mix of ska/jazz/afrobeat and hip hop with Essa Cham and Bunzy D joining in on vocals. The band continued to play around in Oslo and nearby while writing new material to the second album "Worldwide frequency".


This record is a result of planned ideas and spontaneous improvisational moments. The whole record was recorded the old fashioned way: live, on tape and 7 hours later it was done.

It reflects WMR as they explore further a mix between ska/jazz/reggae. Rhythms flows around and create a definite sound as well as exploring new ideas without hesitation.

From the laid back trip hop/jazz like track "Laptop" to intense and vivid "Treasure hunt" to classic 60s ska inspired tracks as "Jolly Roger" and the melodic title track "Woldwide frequency" - this reflects the dynamic span of the Wild Man Riddim. "You got the horn" explores the polyrythm possibilities in playing ska in 7/4 time and still make it swing. "The purpose" is a rocksteady track pretty rocked up in a dirty style combined with solos and steady groove. Freddie Hubbards jazz classic "Little sunflower" delivered in a reggae styled cooled down way and Thelonius Monk tune "Epistrophy" carried out with a wildness/on the edge attitude with every parameter on each musician on peak the whole way through.

All this gathered to create a musical "Worldwide frequency" reaching out to all groove, ska, reggae and jazz lovers all over the world!


1) The purpose (Caspersen)

2) Worldwide frequency (Caspersen)

3) Treasure Hunt (Caspersen)

4) Jolly Roger (Brostigen)

5) Laptop (Caspersen)

6) Little Sunflower (Freddie Hubbard)

7) You got the horn (Rognlien)

8) Epistrophy (Thelonius Monk)

Recorded in Athletic Sound studio, Halden Norway january 27th 2016.

Mixed and mastered by Kyrre Fritzner at FMV studio.

Coverart by Morten Pisani

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