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Steady Legend New Music Videos

Steady Legend is excited to announce the release of three live music videos entitled the "Soundcheck Sessions".

"We have been working hard to go in a new direction with our music over the past year, moving towards a soul/funk sound mixed with a modern rock vibe. We hope you enjoy the videos!"

"Our personal favorite from the "Soundcheck Sessions" is this classic soul cover originally recorded by Little Beaver, entitled "I Love The Way You Love". This is a straight up sexy tune.


This original composition "Don't Want You" is an upbeat motown/rock number, with a scathing account of love lost. Featuring catchy hooks and a soaring guitar solo, another one you don't want to miss!

"Can't Shake You" is an original 50's style love ballad that will bring you back to a simpler time. You won't be able to shake this catchy song from your mind!

Visit for more!

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