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Episode 184.png

Episode 184: Yeah Ska!

May 15, 2023

Heeeeeeeello and welcome to Episode 184 of The Ska Geek Podcast! Coming at with great ska tunes, some old, some new and some new ska from a veteran band.  Secret Cajun Band is celebrating the re-release of their 1997 album Big House and we have the return of some ska tunes from Philly’s own The Hooters! Very excited to bring these and some other great tracks. Hope you enjoy! Time to skank it up buttercup.


Here are this episode’s sweet ska tunes: 

01 Secret Cajun Band- Big Mistake 

02 Samurai Munchies- Rude Boys 

03 The Phensic- Number 1 (Again) 

04 The Hooters- Why Won’t You Call Me Back 

05 Off Beat Xperiment- Intentions 

06 Run Along Andy!- True Zero 

07 Mockingbirds- New Metal 

08 Kortardo- Somos 

09 Raccoon City Riot- Life Six 

10 Rambookis- La Noche de Tu Muerte 


11 Combi Drivers- Tiny Brain 


Enjoy. Skank On!

Episode 183.png

Episode 183: 12 Years of The Ska Geek Podcast!

April 15, 2023

Hello and welcome to Episode 183 of The Ska Geek Podcast! It's my 12th Anniversary as a podcast this month and I would like to say to all of you listening whether you have been here since Episode 1 or joining me for the first time, thank you! I have had fun doing this and getting to know everyone over the years and I appreciate all of your support. Special thanks to all the bands for their submissions especially to The Prizefighters and the awesome intro they sent in. Here's to 12 years and many more to come.


Here are this episode's great ska tunes:

1. The Prizefighters- Kick The Can Ska

2. Phoenix City Retaliators- Before We Drop Dead

3. Phoenix City Allstars- Too Late

4. G-MEN- What's Happening Now?

5. Bleki- Public Enemy

6. Dubmatix- Anarchy In the UK Inna Ska Style

7. Norsk Råkk- Skarpladd

8. Completely Insane- Lemons Into Lemonade

9. Beta7- Shoot To Kill

10. Radio Rocksteady- Frost


11. Hunting Lions- Little Girl 


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 182.png

Episode 182: Let's Dance The Ska

March 15, 2023

Hello and welcome to Episode 182 of The Ska Geek Podcast. It's time to dance the ska with great tunes. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. We've got some awesome ska for you. Some new and some classics for your listening or dancing pleasure.


Here are this episode's sweet songs:

01 IESSE - Meaningless 

02 Operation Ibis - Co-operation Ibis 

03  Boom Boom Boom - Shark Punch 

04 Legal Disaster - Tomb Diggin Shovels 

05 Killer Diller - Fight For Your Woman 

06 Lily Allen - Blank Expression 

07 MC Zulu - Turn Up

08 Micah Shalom - Baltimore 

09 The Sentiments - You Don't Know 

10 King Kong 4 - Paper Sky 

11 The Terrorists - Justice 

12 The Erector Set - Inside Out 


Enjoy. SKank on.

Episode 181.png

Episode 181: Strictly Rude

February 15, 2023

Hello and welcome to Episode 181 of The Ska Geek Podcast! Thanks for joining me on this adventure in ska music. In this episode, I have even more great ska from around the world. I am constantly amazed at all the really great people in the ska community out there and I am happy to bring you these awesome songs from them. If you know of any other cool bands I should check out, send me a message at:


Here are this episode's sweet tunes:

01 Faintest Idea- Kill Em Dead

02 Po-Lice- They Salt the Sea

03 The Abruptors- Best Wishes

04 Lost Island Society- Villain

05 Skavanker- Du Sier Det Er De

06 Atlas & Oracle- Live This Way

07 Bad Leavers- Little Things

08 The Rocksteady Conspiracy and Stick A Bush- Feeling It

09 Rebelation- Brighter Darker Day

10 Skalectric Company- Isn't She Lovely

11 The Ranglins- Audio Animals 



Episode 180.jpg

Episode 180: Happy Rude Year! Welcome 2023.

January 15, 2023

Happy Rude Year! 2023 is here and I hope it finds you well. I am looking forward to what is being hailed as "The Year of Ska". Big things are happening and I am excited to see what happens in ska this year. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions this month. I really hope you enjoy some new ska along with some fairly recent hits and a bonus punk song!


Here are this episode's awesome tracks:

01 The Bakesys- Saw It On The TV So It Must Be True

02 Sound System Seven- Do the Dog

03 B Team Riot Squad- D.A.R.E.

04 BetaMaxDC- Vanity Cult

05 Staflos- Wasted Space

06 The Rude Monkey Bones ft Tatto Rodrguez

07 Swigfoot- April's Fool

08 Demasiada Presin- Next Stop

09 Londrina Ska Clube- Direction!

10 Codename Colin- Just Can't Get Enough

BONUS PUNK SONG! 11 Plizzken- One More Time


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 179.jpg

Episode 179: Happy Skalidays! 2022

December 15, 2022

Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas and to what did my wandering eyes should appear but The Ska Geek Podcast! I hope this finds everyone well. I am bringing some great ska goodies from around the world to listen to for the Skaliday. Thanks to all the awesome bands for their submissions. A little something for everyone. Hope you enjoy, Happy Skalidays to one and all!


Here as this episodes great songs:

00 Don't Drink the Kool-Aid 

01 Millington- Christmas Song (Don't Want to Hear Another) 

02 Lesdystics- Forced 

03 Cheekyelf- Checkmate 

04 The Kubricks- Resistance 

05 A Mucky Fumble with Rudebeard- The Devil You Know 

06 Ska Petarda- Dwjka 

07 Dakka Skanks- Life Officer 

08 Kompromitacja- Solidny fundament 

09 SKAcowani- 500 

10 The Amalgamated- Golden Moon  


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 178.png

Episode 178: Skanksgiving Weekend

November 15, 2022

Hello and welcome to Episode 178 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Hope everyone is having a great Skanksgiving weekend! I am thankful for all the bands and their submissions for this episode and to all of you for listening. Here are some awesome ska tunes to enjoy with your leftovers. 


Check out these great tracks:

01 The Holophonics- Weirdo with a Capital Oh?!

02 Poindexter- Serendipity

03 The Overits!- Fight the Fights

04 Chinchilla Death Cult-  Retsina

05 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra- Tsubame

06 Housebound Ska Collective- Blinding Lights

07 Phoenix City All-stars- Honky Tonk Woman


09 Smoke and Mirrors Soundsystem- More That Unites 



Episode 177.jpg

Episode 177: Skalloween Spectacular 2022

October 15, 2022

Goooooood evening. Welcome Episode 177 of The Ska Geek Podcast. It's Spooky Season again it's time for copious amounts of candy, scary movies and some spooky ska tunes! Thanks to all the band's submissions and listener suggestions. Have a great Halloween!

Here are this episode's ghoulish tracks:

1. Bocs Social - Boris Karloff 

2. Mike Benson- Spooky Scary Skalloween 

3. Faintest Idea - Nose Dive 

4. The Manipulators - Cold World 

5. Set The Tone - All is Fair. 6. Young Costello - Goblin.

7. Nitrophoska - Road to Free Sella 

8. Wild Man Riddim ft Rich Graiko - More Horns.

9. Oingo Boingo - Who Do You Want to Be Today?   


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 176.jpg

Episode 176: Still Hanging In There

September 15, 2022

Hello and welcome to Episode 176 of The Ska Geek Podcast! Have been really busy lately and have not had time to look for ska myself. So once enough bands had sent in songs I was ready to put out a new episode. Thank you to all the bands for their great music, a few suggestions from fans and thanks again to everyone who listens and supports my show.

Here are this episodes great tracks:
01 Chicle y Pega Ska - Flores
02 Fully Operational - Angels and Demons
03 Los Kurados - Rabia Ska
04 Os Paralamas Do Sucesso - Lourinha Bombril
05 Rude Town Bandits - New Day
06 Subsetters - Stop, Drop And Roll
07 Foolish Relics - The Art of Confusion
08 Pato Fu - Ska (Ao Vivo)
09 The PMR Ska Collective - On Top of the World
10 Rat King Cole - The Moment

Enjoy. Skank on.​​​

Episode 175.jpg

Episode 175: Kinda Slow to Publish

July 15, 2022

Hello and welcome to Episode 175 of The Ska Geek Podcast! I apologize for my putting this episode out late but I have some great new ska for you from a bunch of great bands.  Thanks for all the submissions. Hope you enjoy.

Here are this episodes great tracks:
01 Atlas and Oracle - Don't Need to Try Master
02 The Inevitables - Alternate Dub
03 James Shaw - Never Forget
04 Captain Accident - Wings
05 The Dance Crasher - Unity
06 Skatsune Miku - 恋愛サーキュレーション (ft. Stuck Lucky & Noise Complaint)
07 Port Royal - Stay Rude
08 Joker's Republic - Necessary Evil (feat. Buddy from Less Than Jake)
09 People Corrupting People - Trying for Tomorrow

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 174.jpg

Episode 174: Keep It Rude.

June 15, 2022

Hello and welcome to Episode 174 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Only a few submissions from bands this month so I went on a search to see what I could find on Bandcamp. Hope you enjoy the treasures I found. If you have any submissions or bands you think I should check out, let me know!

Here are this episodes awesome tracks:
01 The Bakesys - These Pictures Of You
02 Prize Dink Camp - The Floor is Lava
03 Tomcats - Precious Eye
04 Louie Zong - On My Way Home
05 Mugal - Four to Six (Math the Band Cover)
06 The Ruffolos - Special Yesterday
07 King Punch - Weekend Warrior
08 Jungleproof - On Repeat
09 The Filthy Radicals - Gypsy Song
10 Actionesse - A Town Called Boredom
11 Die Kinder aus dem 6ten - Keine Wahl

Enjoy. Skank on.


BONUS PUNK TRACK: The Drowns - The Working Dead

Episode 173.jpg

Episode 173: Feel the Beat!

May 15, 2022

Hello and welcome to Episode 173 of The Ska Geek Podcast. I back again bringing you some great ska from around the globe with different styles for everyone. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. I hope you enjoy all these songs!

Here are this episode's awesome tracks:
01 Coquettish - Raise Your Cut, Sing Along
02 Not from Concentrate - Far Away
03 Send Out Scuds - I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills
04 Overuse - Ska Hard
06 Square Songs - Ska
07 Skabara - Tystnadskoloni
08 Chainska Brassika - Down the Barge
09 The Slackers - Hanging On
10 King Kong Girio - Soulmate
11 Roger Rivas - 10 Plagues
12 Bishops Green - Your Paradox

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 172.jpg


April 15, 2022

SKANK THE PLANET!!! Hello and welcome to Episode 172 of The Ske Geek Podcast. In this episode, we are celebrating ska all over the planet. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. Keep it coming. I love spreading the word about great ska bands. Put on your skanking shoes. LET'S GO!!!!

Here are this episode's sweet tracks:
01 Sgt Scag - Spotless and Sponsored
02 8 KALACAS - Labios Negros
03 T-KILLAS - Dandy and Rude
04 Fat Timmy - Writers block
05 Kmoy - Beth Has Secrets
06 Mano Negra - Love And Hate
07 Buster Shuffle - The Hood
08 King Kong 4 - Paper Sky
09 Tape Girl & Peach Rings - My Boy (Twin Fantasy)
10 Le Iene - Spiega Le Tue Vele
11 La Pobreska - Las Crucesde Tijuana
12 Undisputed World Champions - You Think You Know Me ft. Kotardo

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 171.jpg

Episode 171: Skank It Up Buttercup

March 15, 2022

Welcome to Episode 171 of The Ska Geek Podcast! In this episode we are doing mostly old school ska with a few new school tunes. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions and contributions! Be sure and check out all the bands on their socials and support them by going to a show or buy some merch.

In particular, check out the Chainska Brassika song which will be followed by the release of ‘New Cross Stomp’ before their full album release on 25th March 2022, with an 18-date UK Tour.  

Hope you enjoy all the songs:
01 Chainska Brassika- Eye Scratcher 
02 Foolish Ska Jazz Orchestra - Softly as a Morning Sunrise
03 The Ranglins - The Outsider
04 Shoplifter - No Reason
05 Peg & the Rejected - 2 Stoned
06 Staflos - Wasted Space
07 Eggplant Danceoff - Z-905 Part III
08 The Gramophone Allstars - I'll Be Around
09 Lizzy Kirby - I Got Me Babe (ft. The Cascadians)
10 Cosmic Shuffling - Short Break
11 Mango Wood - Ah Reggae

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 170.jpg

Episode 170: Right About Meow

February 15, 2022

Here are this episodes awesome tracks:
00 Ska Geek Intro - Catbite
01 Catbite - Bad Influence
02 Calavera NY Club - Ska Playing Loud
03 G-MEN - Rude Boy, Rude Girl!
04 Carroll Thompson - I'm So Sorry
05 Proyecto Mandarina - All About That Bass
06 Crazy Baldhead - Drummin' For Don
07 La Verdolaga - Circo politico
08 Sgt. Scag - One More Parade
09 Kortados - Fuego en Tus Ojos

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 169.jpg

Episode 169: Welcome 2022!

January 15, 2022

Hello and welcome to Episode 169 of The Ska Geek Podcast! I know 2022 has been here for a while but here's to a great new year and hope for the future. Things are going to get better and to kick it off I have some great new ska tunes for the new year! Check out all these bands on their socials and support them if you like what you hear. Buy the album or maybe some merch. Thanks for listening and supporting my podcast.

Here are this episodes awesome tracks:
01 Fidget and the Twitchers - Big Man
02 Late for Life - Ear Fatigue
03 Filthy Militia - Differences
04 Eichlers - Songs Online
05 People Corrupting People - Illegal Alien
06 The Classy Wrecks - Blinding Lights
07 Atlas & Oracle - Walls Come Crashing
08 ORESKABAND(オレスカバンド) - Stormy

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 168 Cover.jpg

Episode 168: Happy Skalidays! 2021

December 15, 2021

Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas to... you! Happy Skalidays and welcome to Episode 168 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Hope this message finds you all healthy and happy this Season. I have some great ska both new and seasonal. I hope you enjoy it!

01 Rebelation - Angels And Sinners
02 The Bluebeats - Have Mercy (Alternate Mix)
03 The Replicators - Serenity Now!
04 The Aquabats - Santa Claus' Party
05 Couching Distance - Up On The Housetop
06 The Aquadolls - Xmas Wrapping
07 Bunch Of Believers - Deck The Halls
08 Unleaded Plus - Frosty the Snowman
09 G-MEN - Christmas Home
10 The Penguins Ska Band - White Christmas
11 The Holophonics - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
12 The Heptones - Christmas Time

Skank on and keep the change you filthy animals!


Episode 167.jpg

Episode 167: Skalloween Spectacular 2021

November 16, 2021

Hello and welcome to Episode 167 of The Ska Geek Podcast! Happy Skanksgiving! It's time to give thanks. It's hard to find the good in life these days but if we take the time there is much to give thanks for. Thanks to you for listening to my podcast and thanks to all the great bands out there for keeping the ska alive! I am proud to bring you these songs and I am so grateful especially to Dr. Ring Ding for the show opener. I am so happy to hear him introduce my show. Still can't believe it.

Here are some great ska tunes for you to listen to. As always I hope you enjoy and thanks for supporting my show.

00 Dr. Ring Ding - Ska Geek Intro
01 Dr. Ring Ding - Original Rude Boy Style
02 Phonosonics - Worry No Good
03 G-MEN - If this is love
04 AKATZ - La Misión
05 Offbeat Xperiment - Yume
06 Panic Bomb - Lay it All Down
07 You Dirty Rat - Rat Trap
08 Skappository - R U Rude 2
09 The Guilty Parties - Guilty Skankin
10 Stork and the Baby Makers - Daily Valentines
11 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - SKA! BON-DANCE〜We Welcome The Spirits

Enjoy. Skank on.


Episode 166.jpg

Episode 166: Skalloween Spectacular 2021

October 16, 2021

"Ray, this Walter!" "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!"
Goooood Evening. Velcome to Episode 166 of the Ska Geek Podcast! Always weird and sometimes strange, It's spooky time and time for some great ska. I am bringing you some spooky tunes as well some brand new ska tunes! Get your Skalloween on and listen to some great tunes.

Be sure and check out my spooky shirt designs and some new ska shirts as well:

Here are this episodes scary tunes:

00 It's
01 Mento Buru - (It's a) Monster's Holiday
02 Late For Life - Dried Blood
03 Rudebeard - Bitter Pill
04 Dissident Noize Factory - Homemade Bomb
05 SKA Petarda - Barowa królowa
06 Title Holder - Empty Apartment
07 De Lindows - tramwaje
08 AKA The Syndicate - More Bad News
09 G.T. Moore - I Wouldn't Mind
10 Phoenix City Allstars - Play With Fire
11 Fratelli Lambretta Ska Jazz - Skalloween
12 Oingo Boingo - Run Away (The Escape Song)

Enjoy. Skank on.



Episode 165.png

Episode 165: Kind of Sketchy

September 16, 2021

Hello and welcome to Episode 165 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Once again I have a great lineup of some awesome ska tunes. All of these songs were submitted to me for play on my show! I am still amazed and grateful for everyone who wants to be on my podcast and wants to listen to The Ska Geek Show.

Please be sure and visit my shop to get your Ska Geek and ska related merch.

As always support the bands if you like what you hear.

Here are this episodes awesome tracks:
01. Half Past Two - Scratched CD
02. Title Holder - Animal
03. The Offbeatniks - Dandy
04. Punch the Clown - Rocketship
05. Boxing Fox - Home
06. The Damn Long Hairs - Happy Song
07. Abraskadabra - Tonight
08. Captain Accident - Miami Incoming
09. Dakka Skanks - You Can't Cancel This
10. Tight Spot - Time Heals Everything
11. Luciano Macchia Crooner - L'estate che va

Enjoy. Skank on.


Episode 164.jpg

Episode 164: Ska Kids Unite!

August 15, 2021

Hello and welcome to Episode 164 of The Ska Geek Podcast! I am excited to bring you some awesome new ska songs from around the world. Ska Kids Around the World, Unite!

Get your SKA KIDS UNITE shirt, stickers & more at The Ska Geek Shop-

Thanks to all the bands for their submissions! I am also really excited to tell you about the Live Stream happening this year at the Supernova Ska Festival September 17-19. This is your opportunity to see 40 ska bands live streaming from the festival. More info at:

Get ready for great ska-
00 Supernova Ska Festival Live Stream Spot
01 Eastbay - Radio
02 The Agonizers - Driving Home
03 Culture Shock - Penny for the Guy
04 Nate Funk and the Phunky Bunch - Seasonal Depression Stomp
05 Wild Man Riddim - Northwest
06 Eric Daino - Security Deposit
07 Skatsune Miku - KKK Hiway
08 Rags Rudi - Rotten
09 Grupukan Orkeska - Enjoy Aman Kuasai
10 The Bandulus - Dear Lord
11 Marcus I - Soul Warriors

Enjoy! Skank on.

Episode 163.jpg

Episode 163: Summer of Ska

July 20, 2021

Hey hey! Welcome to Episode 163 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Here at last. Time for The Summer of SKA!!!! I have some great new ska music and some classics from the 2007 Warped Tour Compilation. Thanks to all the bands for their awesome submissions. Hope you enjoy!

Here are this episodes awesome tracks-
01 O Leopardo - Pool Party Day
02 Mayson's Party - Yummy Yummy
03 Mr. Kingpin - Actions Speak Louder
04 Zen Baseballbat - Trouble
05 Roger Rivas - Midnight Calling
06 Kurado De Coco - Caminando en Circulos
07 Big D & The Kids Table- Steady Riot
08 Buck O Nine - I'm Not Dead
09 The Toasters - You're Gonna Pay
10 Mad Caddies - State Of Mind

Skank on.

Episode 162.jpg

Episode 162: We're Coming Back!

June 15, 2021

Hello and welcome to Episode 162 of The Ska Geek Podcast! It looks like we are back in business getting back to concerts and headed out in the ska world. Please support live music! Thanks to all the bands for their submissions and for giving us great ska. Check out all the links. Visit their sites and buy some merch. Lots of new music out and coming out soon.

Here are this episodes great tracks:
01 Deadbeat at Dawn - DeadBeatology

02 Bim Skala Bim - Lightning

03 Banana High - Rhythm of Your Soul

04 Young Costello - Misfortunate Son

05 Hugo Skavez - The SKAmmunist Manifesto

06 Part-Time Genius - Grab Bag

07 Finks Constant - The Good Life

08 The Bakesys - 638 Ways They Tried

09 Back Alley Dirt Ska - The Dark Powers of Destruction

10 Atsushi & The Moisties - Victim Of Authority ft Lester Sterling

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 161.jpg

Episode 161: On Target

May 17, 2021

Hello and welcome to Episode 161 of The Ska Geek Podcast! Better late than never. Ruder than never ever before! Ska is coming out in full force. Thank you so much to all the bands for their awesome songs. Please be sure and check them out on social media. Buy an album, get some merch. Lastly thanks to you for listening!

Here are this episodes tracks:
01 O Leopardo - Dislexia
02 Left Alone - Te Quiero Ver
03 Skabara - Råttkasino - Dagar Och Nätter
04 Skatsune Miku - Lonely Rolling Star
05 The JB Conspiracy - Starting Again
06 Wild Man Riddim - Blues For Rudy
07 Eichlers - wow. rude.
08 King Kong 4 - The Only Witness
09 The Prizefighters - What Have I Got Of My Own
10 The PMR Ska Collective - This is the Way!

Enjoy. Skank on.


Episode 160: 10 Years!

April 11, 2021

Hello and welcome everyone to Episode 160 of The Ska Geek Podcast! It's been 10 years since I started this podcast. 10 Years! So much great ska. So many great bands. A lot of great friends! Thanks everyone for listening and supporting me. Here's to more great ska in the future!

Here are this episodes awesome tracks:
00 A Message to You Rudies
01 Collywobbles Intro
02 Collywobbles - Tracce
03 Trinidad Suave - Doña Culbera
04 Glory Hunters - Остаться Собой
05 Luciano Macchia - Twist o Rock Ammericano
06 Scrapy - Sad Nights in Soho
07 The Bakesys - You Are Leaving The American Sector
08 The PMR Ska Collective - We'll Be There
09 Depraverad - Vill ha mer
10 Tape Girl - ...And You're Doing Nothing

Enjoy. Skank on!



Episode 159: Spring Forward!

March 15, 2021

Hello and welcome to Episode 159 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Daylight savings time has got me all mixed up and forgot what day it was! I am here now with some awesome ska tunes!

Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. Check them out on social media. Buy a CD or a shirt from them! Support ALL Ska Bands.

Get a Ska Cat Shirt today!

Here are this episodes sweet tracks:
01 Sgt. Scag - Cultination
02 Coolidge - I Don't Wanna Hang Out
03 Skaramanga - Phrasemonger
04 Lo(u)ser - Set It All on Fire (feat. We Are The Union)
05 Rudebeard - Dirty Little Secrets
06 Sassafrass - The Man
07 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Ribbon (feat. Moral Distraída)
08 Bottle Rocket Kings - We Have Your Back
09 Couching Distance - Headphones
10 Yellow Umbrella - Test Of Time Part I

Enjoy. Skank on.



Episode 158: The Ska Don't Stop

February 14, 2021

Welcome to Episode 158 of The Ska Geek Podcast! The ska don't stop in 2021.
I am bringing you a ton of new ska submitted by some awesome bands. Be sure to check them all out on social media and support great music.

Here this episodes tracks-
00 Kristin Forbes Ska Geek Intro
01 Kristin Forbes & Greg Robinson - Winter Reggae Party

02 The Georgetown Orbits - Stay Strong

03 Spy Kids - Pushed Away

04 Skatsune Miku - ふわふわ時間

05 Arm The Poor - It's not a Tumor

06 Flying Raccoon Suit - Nothing's Changed

07 Courtesy of Tim - Here's the Thing, Winnie

08 Then I Fly - Paradise

09 The Sneaky Heat Missiles - Metal Band

10 The Oddjobs - Skacore

Enjoy. Skank on.



Episode 157: Welcome 2021

January 15, 2021

Hello and welcome to a New Year and The Ska Geek Podcast! I am here to bring you some great ska songs to start the off New Year. I hope this message finds you well and you are looking forward to a better year.

Thanks to all the bands for their submissions especially to my local ska band, Fink's Constant for sending a Ska Geek exclusive track "Burden of Dreams" from the forthcoming album of same name. Keep an eye out for details of the release at:

Here are this episodes awesome tracks:
01 Finks Constant - Burden of Dreams
02 Something to Do - I Wish The Best For You
03 The Tigers - Big Expense, Small Income
04 Tijuana No! - Pobre De Ti
05 Rudebeard - Are You Ready
06 сказка - Пятница
07 Chupaskabra - Chupa Stomp
08 Call In Dead - Summer Camp

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 156.png

Episode 156: Happy Skalidays!

December 15, 2020

Happy Skalidays! Welcome to Episode 156 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Time to celebrate friends, family and all the good things in our lives. I hope you enjoy these ska tunes and be sure an support all these bands by buying an album, t-shirt or maybe a sticker or two!

Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. Special thanks to Housebound Ska Collective for their cover of "Christmas Wrapping". Check out the video! One of my favorites.

Here are this episodes festive tracks:
01 Ska Geek Christmas Intro
02 Predator Dub Assassins - The Little Drummer Boy
03 Prince Loogie - Joy to the World
04 Housebound Ska Collective - Christmas Wrapping
05 The Loving Paupers - And The Piano's Playing
06 Girls Go Ska - La Distancia
07 Not From Concentrate - If We Try
08 Norsk Råkk - Det Beste Laget
09 SKASKALOE - Masih Ada Gak

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 155.png

Episode 155: Happy Skanksgiving

November 15, 2020

Greetings and welcome to Episode 155 of The Ska Geek Podcast! I am thankful for all the awesome ska songs coming in for this episode. A lot of new songs coming your way. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions.

I hope you enjoy! If you like what you hear, be sure and support these and all your bands by ordering merch and music!

Here are this episodes track:
00 ColorBlind Dinosaurs - Ska Geek Intro
01 ColorBlind Dinosaurs - Life Lucid
02 The Skajects - Take It From The Start
03 Bad Operation - Perilous
04 Not From Concentrate - Scientific Poet
05 Captain Smooth Talk - 101 Damnations
06 Andy B and The World - Black And Blue
07 The Prosecution - Ironic Phases

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 154: Skalloween Spectacular 2020

October 15, 2020

Good evening and welcome to The Ska Geek: Skalloween Spectacular 2020. Things are really scary this year, literally, so take time to have some fun! I am bringing you some spooky scary ska songs for you to enjoy at home. Happy Halloween to you.


Here are this episodes tracks:

01 The Anchorage - Dead Man's Party

02 SiM - Devil in Your Heart

03 Niño Zombi - Zombie Army

04 Matamoska! - M is for Murder

05 Sonora de Llegar - Vivos Muertos

06 Millington - Misery

07 Waste Basket - Skapocalypse

08 Betamax DC - Bones in the Grave

09 Blue Meanies - Creepy

10 Oingo Boingo - Louise


Enjoy. Spook on.

Episode 153: A Little Something Different

September 15, 2020

Hello and welcome to Episode 153 of The Ska Geek Podcast! I hope this find you all well. I am here to bring you something a little different when it comes to ska and this episode is here to do just that. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions especially The Third Rates for the intro. Be sure and check the New Dakka Skanks release Babylon Falling coming 9/18/20. Follow Dakka Skanks: Facebook: Instagram: Also, I wanted to pay my small tribute to Toots, may he rest in peace, with one of my favorites, Sweet and Dandy.


So get ready for some great songs!

00 The Third Rates - Ska Geek Promo

01 The Third Rates - Check List

02 SKASKALOE - Masih Ada Gak

03 Ska'N'Ska - Boom

04 Urban Crater - Pizza Crust Punk

05 Upstanding Youth - Moments and Memories

06 Abnormal Gala - Jet & Engine

07 Dakka Skanks - Babylon Falling

08 Toots and The Maytals - Sweet and Dandy


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 152: Fun, Love and Trumpets

August 15, 2020

Welcome to Episode 152 of the Ska Geek Podcast! Once again coming to you from quarantine with great ska tunes from around the globe. I hope you enjoy these songs and have a great time! Thanks to all the bands for their submissions especially Operation Offbeat and their new song from the album "Your Idea of Luck" out now!


Here are this episodes tracks:
01 Operation Offbeat - Ska Geek Intro

02 Operation Offbeat - Your Idea of Luck

03 Pussycat Doghouse - If He Were You

04 danger - Kids in Cages

05 Foxdart - Foxdart

06 SKA! If anyone can help identify this let me know!

07 Ska-nk - Vara-trece 08 Skandal-Njepat - Come on Rude

09 Volfoniq - Skango


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 151: We're on Lockdown

July 15, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to Episode 151 of The Ska Geek Podcast. I am coming to you from lockdown with awesome ska songs from around the world. I enjoyed these songs so I hope will enjoy them too.


00 Ska Geek Episode - Intro

01 Mayson's Party - Alarm Song

02 Over Limit - Brand New Start

03 Housebound Ska Collective - Feel Good Inc. (feat. Skatune Network)

04 Poindexter - Grounded

05 Kioko - Lonely Lockdown

06 From The Specials - Neville Staple Band - Lockdown

07 The Living Sound System - It's All Wrong

08 The Higher Notes - Crackle Ska

09 Eastern Function - Dazed

10 Couching Distance - Sweet As This

11 Ska Geek Episode - Outro


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 150: We Did It! 150 Episodes.

June 15, 2020

HEEEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Welcome to the 150th Episode of The Ska Geek Podcast. Who would have ever thought I would have been doing this for 9 years and 150 Episodes? Thank you to all who support, contribute and listen to the podcast and help make the mixtape that is my show. It has also been about finding new bands, making new friends and playing great ska from around the world. This episode is no exception. Check out all the great bands:

Half Past Two - Lyin Eyes
The Players Band - Who's That?
Last Edition - Shorts Until September
Pussycat Doghouse - Ask For The Banana You Want
Esaopa - Circus
Stop Drop N' Skank - Ritalin Rock
Spinazo Ska - I Lost the Name of the Song, Sorry.
Fighting Evil Is Cool! - Sky Pirates
Call Me Malcolm - What You Burn
Legal Disaster - Self Condemned

Enjoy. Skank On.

Episode 149: Ghetto Blaster

May 15, 2020

Hello and welcome to Episode 149 of the Ska Geek Podcast. I've been listening to some great new ska and wanted to share with the world. Crank some tunes and enjoy! I hope you are all doing well. Stay safe. Be happy.


01 Millington - Beatdown Generation

02 Good Luck Ugly -Coming Home Tell the Saints

03 Los-K-soS - Un homme

04 The Sensational Skydrunk Heartbeat Orchestra - Admire Me

05 Ska Choco Kick ダイヤモンドリリーMVメイキング (DJ Lily Lily ー MV Making)

06 The Selectones - I'm With You

07 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - In The Changing World feat. MONGOL800

08 Hobo Chili - Big T

09 Donna and the Dynamiters - Rocket To Rocksteady Heaven


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 148: Rude Boys Outta Toilet Paper

April 15, 2020

Hello and welcome to Episode 148 of The Ska Geek Podcast! It's been a crazy time in lockdown, but I am happy to bring you some joy with new ska tunes and a few classics. I wanted to help support some awesome bands so when the time came these bands answered the call. Please check them out on there sites and socials. Buy an album or merch to support them while they are unable to tour. Friendly reminder: Share if you have more than you need. Give some toilet paper to a neighbor. Be excellent to each other. 


Here are this episodes sweet tracks: 
00 No Villains Left - Ska Geek Intro 
01 No Villains Left - Dark Days 
02 Dope Times - Wasted Ways 
03 King Chango - El Santo 
04 Dakka Skanks - Sir Action 
05 The Urge - How Does It Feel 
06 The Cascadians - Ska Geek Promo 
07 The Cascadians - Kansas City 
08 Drop Steady - The Light 
09 King Kong 4 - Drink In Your Head 


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 147: Time Out for Fun

March 15, 2020

Hello! Welcome to Episode 147 of the Ska Geek Podcast. In these uncertain times it's good to have some fun. Let's listen to some great new ska tunes from some awesome bands. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions: 


Close Enough sent me the great track "Weekend Warrior". Go and check out more from them at 


The Kubricks new single "Criminals" is out now. Check out 


Check out the great cover of the classic "Who Can it Be Now" from Wonder Melon 


Half Past Two has a new EP out now. Check out 'See You Again' - the first track is from their upcoming EP 'Something Blue'. 


The Prizefighters shared their new track "The Prizefighter Beat". Please support them and go buy the track. The single is exclusively on their bandcamp page: and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Sladjana M Crosley Fund for GCT Research, a zero-overhead organization dedicated to the eradication of ovarian cancers. 


Lastly, check out a reissued classic from the Phantoms "Local Boys". 


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 146: For the Love of Ska Music

February 15, 2020

Welcome to Episode 146 of the Ska Geek Podcast! I am back, at little late, with some awesome ska songs. All of these songs were submitted by some up and coming bands from across the globe. I hope you enjoy them and please go check out their sites for more great music.


01 Dakka Skanks - Mr. Murder


02 Heavensbee - Better Days


03 Ego & the Appropriators - Working Man


04 Upstarters - Kissing Love


05 Bonehenge - Mammal Uprising


06 Karl Phillips & The Midnight Ramblers - Pink Champagne


07 Rude Stompers - Oi Rudeboy, Rudegirl


08 Troubadix Rache - Panama


09 Big Brother - Slave Wages


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 145: Welcome 2020! Happy Rude Year!

January 15, 2020

Happy New Year! Welcome to Episode 145 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Time to welcome a new year of great music. I have some new tunes plus some old favorites from all realms of the ska world. I hope you enjoy it and thanks to all of you for listening and submitting awesome tracks for me to play.


Here are this episodes tracks:

01 Alton Ellis and the Flames - Dance Crasher

02 Rude Boy George - Dance Hall Days

03 The Selecter - Everyday

04 Tom Nevers Field - Impossible

05 Telegraph - Head First Feet First

06 Seven Thirty Seven - The Selfish

07 The Sheldons - Wake Up

08 Mayson’s Party - Break Down

09 Skalapper - Super Strong

10 Punk Goes 8-Bit - Suicide Machines - Hey (8-Bit)


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 144: Happy Skalidays 2019

December 15, 2019

01 Control This! - Linus & Lucy

02 Re-Adjusters - Double Edge

03 The What Nows?! -  Everything’s OK

04 Rudy and The Gansetts - Self Help

05 Super Hero - Better Way

06 Fake News - Catch!

07 The Kubricks - Humans

08 Top Shotta Band featuring Screechy Dan - Share My Love

Episode 143: Skanksgiving Special 2019

November 15, 2019

Welcome to Episode 143 of The Ska Geek Podcast! It's turkey time again, time to give thanks for all we have and the gift of being alive. Thanks to all of you for your support by listening and sharing my podcast. Enjoy some great ska and skank it up!


Thanks to Dilip 'n the Davs for their new track. Check them out:


Here are this episodes sweet tracks:

01 Dilip n the Davs - That’s Not Love

02 Mail Order Children - Indecision

03 Buck-O-Nine - Round Kid 0

4 Skameleon - Wonderwall

05 Les Trompettes Du Mozambique - SKA

06 Faintest Idea - Throw Away The Key

07 Marin Alexandrov - Ugly Big Fish

08 Heavyball - Top of Your Game

09 Lara Hati - Ulul Arkham


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 142: Skalloween Spectacular 2019

October 15, 2019

Good evening and velcome to Episode 142 of The Ska Geek Podcast. It's that time of year again for spooky stories, trick-or-treating, ghosts and goblins and some great ska tunes from some awesome bands! Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. Enjoy some spooky tunes!



1. EPIC XVIII - Fight On!

2. Mr. Speaker - Kingston Town

3. The Meow Meows - Monsters

4. Dangerous Nights - Blechreiz

5. Inspector - Monster Attack

6. Desorden Público - City of the Dead

7. Rude Bones - Ghost in Your House

8. Viernes 13 - Bailando Con la Muerte


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 141: Fall into Ska

September 15, 2019

Welcome to Episode 141 of the Ska Geek Podcast. Things are cooling down as fall is upon us and it's time for some cool songs! Thanks to all the bands for their submissions.


Check out these great songs and the bands sites:

01 Mr. Kingpin - EASE YOUR MIND


02 The Clockmakers - GOOD NEWS

03 Ego and the Appropriators - Superstar 

04 S.A.D. - I Ain't That Bothered


05 Catbite - Street Feeling


06 The Planet Smashers - Break My Neck (A Love Song)

07 Backyard Superheroes - Last Chance


08 Kongo Shock - Thinline


09 Hans Gruber and the Die Hards - Is Today Worth Waking Up For


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 140: Ska Geek Sweet Mix 

August 15, 2019

Welcome to Episode 140 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Have I got some great ska tunes for you? Why yes, yes I do. Here are some great new ska tunes from bands that contacted me on twitter and facebook. 


Here to kick things off by Supporting My Local Ska Band, Fink’s Constant. “Girl on the Sidewalk” comes from their forthcoming album Hanging By A Thread. Visit their site at 


Next I have a new track from Bernewell and DeGraf whom I met on the Ska Geek Facebook Group. “Mothman Flies” is about the legendary creature from West Virginia folklore. I was going to save this one for the Halloween episode but couldn’t wait. 

Next up is a new one from New York’s own Millington. These guys are cranking out an awesome mix of ska and pop-punk. The new track “University” is out now. Check them out and support this great band at: and 


Lastly I have a new track from West London Ska Punks, Lead Shot Hazard. The song “Braggin’ Rights” is from their forthcoming album Fires To Find Our Friends out 8/24/19. They are long time friends of the podcast so check them out for awesome ska-punk goodness: and

Here are all of this episodes tracks:

01 Fink's Constant - Girl on the Sidewalk

02 Red Soul Community - When You Are A Threat

03 Skanamá - Cienfuegos

04 Flip the Switch - Love Zombie

05 Bernewell & DeGraf - Mothman Flies

06 Millington - University

07 Somewhat Suitable - Rescue Me

08 Ill Rendition - She’s Trying to Kill Me

09 Lead Shot Hazard - Braggin’ Rights


Enjoy! Skank on.

Episode 139: Summer of Ska

July 15, 2019

Hello! Welcome the Summer of Ska and Episode 139 of The Ska Geek Podcast. I have some great new ska tunes spanning the globe for your summer. Get out there and enjoy it! Thanks to the bands for their submissions and fan suggestions for this episode. Particularly check out more from Linguine who provided his rendition of Keasbey Nights done in the style of Super Mario World.


Hope you enjoy these great ska tunes:

01 Thirsty Guys - Not Playing Fest

02 Elisa Dixan sings Los Fastidios - Radio Babylon

03 Dubioza kolektiv - Wild Wild East

04 Harmon - Ska

05 Mr. Kingpin - Cards on the Table

06 São Paulo Ska Jazz - Faixa (Gringo)

07 Pitshu & Victor Rice - Nzela

08 Linguine - Keasbey Nights


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 138: Ska Memes Are The Worst But I Love Mozerella Sticks!

June 15, 2019

Welcome to Episode 138 of The Ska Geek Podcast! I really don't want to know if something is ska or not but I do love mozzarella sticks. So enjoy some great ska like a thirteen-year-old loves extra fried cheese goodness. 


Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. Hope you enjoy! 


01 Subliminal Ripple - Hangover 

02 The Slums - Dance, Dance, Dance 

03 Bad Taste - Obsession 

04 The Hostiles - Chasing The Dream 

05 Grave Danger - Grave Danger 

06 Negros Vivos - Lejos De Mi 

07 Jay Parade - Jimmy 

08 Out of Line - Time 

09 Half Past Two - Somebody That I Used to Know 

10 Stop the Presses - Wasted Youth 


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 137: We Love Ska!

May 15, 2019

Welcome to Episode 137 of the Ska Geek Podcast! Time for great new ska. Hope you enjoy some new songs from these great bands. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions.


Here are this episodes tracks:

01 Millington - J45

02 Bargain Bin Heroes - Summer Vacation

03 Dance Contraption - With Friends Like These

04 Planet Smashers - Too Much Information

05 EPIC XVIII - Divides by Zero

06 The Hostiles - Chasing The Dream

07 Run and Punch - New Orleans Funeral

08 Obi Fernandez - Have You Ever

09 Over ALL 7 - Carib


Enjoy! Skank on.

Episode 136: Ruder Than You

April 15, 2019

Welcome to Episode 136 of The Ska Geek podcast! A little late but I am here to play some great ska tunes. Kicking it off with my tribute to Rankin Roger. The Beat have been one of my favorite bands since high school and love their music. He will be missed. 

Then I am bringing you great ska from around the world and ending it with a special track from The Neville Staple Band. "Their new single ‘Put Away Your Knives’, a 2Tone influenced punky ska and reggae mix with on-point lyrics addressing the growing knife crime problem in the UK. This is a lyrical and musical cry to young people involved in knife crime, motivated by a tragic event that struck their family in September 2018 - the fatal stabbing of Neville’s 21-year-old grandson Fidel Glasgow." Please support their mission. 'Put Away Your Knives' can be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon. It can also be streamed on Spotify. You can also donate To Victim Support at

Here are this episodes tracks: 

01 The Beat ft Rankin Roger - A Good Day For Sunshine 

02 Pueblo Criminal - Wait 

03 The Oldtones - Monopolistic 

04 The Locos - Contrato Limosna 

05 Inner Terrestrials - Run Things 

06 Pequena Morte - Balada Volátil Comum (Cavalgadinha) 

07 Lollypop Lorry - Simmer Down 

08 The Neville Staple Band - Put Away Your Knives 


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 135: Happy St. Patrick's Day 2019

March 15, 2019

Welcome to Episode 135 of the Ska Geek podcast. Happy St. Patricks Day! No Irish or Celtic ska bands this year but I have some new, fresh tunes for your listening pleasure. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all the bands their submissions and some listeners for their suggestions. Be sure and check the my website for the archives, store, news and more:


Here are this episodes tracks:

01 Danny Rebel & The KGB - Copper Mountain

02 The Indecision - Leave A Light On

03 New Town Kings - Fire In The Hole

04 Boss Riot - Hearts and Hands

05 Rude Six - You're Wondering Now

06 FUBAR - Counting Sheep

07 The Skluttz - Rapunzel

08 The Guilty Parties - Guilty Skankin'



Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 134: Yes, This is Ska!

February 15, 2019

Welcome to Episode 134 of the Ska Geek Podcast. In this episode I am bringing you the best variety of ska music from around the world. I am especially excited to bring you the debut of Wabisavita a mix of 8bit, chiptunes and ska for some geeky goodness. All my favorite things in one band. Thanks to them for sending over their album for me to share.


Thanks to all the other great bands for their submissions as well. Hope you enjoy! Here are this episodes great selections:


01 Wabisavita - -Moominburg!(ムーミンブルク!

02 Flavortown Mafia - Taco Truck Tuesday

03 Dance Contraption - Not So Bold

04 KILLACOPTER - Gurus of Gluttony

05 Self Titled - Ska

06 Culture Shock - All Growed Up

07 The Sheldons - So Far

08 ALERTA BUENOS AIRES - Ciudad En Alerta


Enjoy. Skank on!

Episode 133: Welcome 2019, Happy Rude Year!

January 15, 2019

Welcome to Episode 133 of The Ska Geek Podcast. In the words of Ruder Than You, "It's gonna be a real good year." Big things are happening in ska and we are ready! Check out new songs from some great bands:

Be Like Max-

Pre-Order the new album:


Madaline- Pre-Order the album:


Thirteen Towers- Get the new EP:

King Kong 4- Get the new EP:

The Scotch Bonnets-

Pre-Order the album:


Thanks to all the other bands for their submissions.

Here are this episodes sweet tracks-

01 Be Like Max- The Boss Is Stealing

02 Madaline - The Coast Is Clear

03 Thirteen Towers- Burning Bridges

04 JRMusic - Spiderdance (from Undertale)

05 Skata Tones - A Day At The Fair

06 The Punchers - Punch From The Jungle

07 The Steadians - Underground Lair

08 King Kong 4 - It's Quitting Time!

09 The Scotch Bonnets - Hair Did


Enjoy. Skank on!

Episode 132: Happy Ska-lidays 8

Merry Christmas one and all!!! Welcome to Episode 132 of The Ska Geek Podcast. It's that most wonderful time of the year and it's time for great ska - some new tracks and some ska holiday tunes.


Thanks to The Copacetics and their awesome Christmas songs out now! Check it out and download for FREE: And special thanks to all the bands for their submissions. Here's to happy holidays to everyone out there. Grab some egg nog and get ready to skank. Here are this episodes tracks:


01 Beat The Smart Kids - Table For One

02 The Donald Trumpets - Coping Mechanisms

03 Skarate KID - Meow

04 Fanculos - Good Life

05 The Copacetics - Rudolph the Red Nosed Riendeer

06 The Hotshots - Snoopy vs Red Baron

07 Los Straitjackets - Linus and Lucy

08 SKAyway - Here Comes Santa Claus

09 Fayetteville Ska Alliance - Jingle Bells


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 131: Skanksgiving Special - 8

Be thankful! I am bringing you some great ska to listen on this joyous holiday. Enjoy time with you family with The Ska Geek as your soundtrack. Thanks to everyone for listening and supporting my podcast. Special thanks to Jenna Enemy from The Von Tramps for the intro and super awesome track. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. Hope you have a great Skanksgiving!


Here are this episodes sweet tracks:

00 Jenna Enemy of The Von Tramps Intro

01 The Von Tramps - Queen of Sabotage

02 Strum 101 - Skank with Me

03 I Like the Future and the Future Likes me - Location Services

04 Cartoon Violence - Out with the Old

05 The Twilights - Rainy Day

06 The Contenders - Double or Nothing

07 Yes Brainer - It's Not Enough To Ask

08 Dirty Heads - Vacation

09 Boucan Sound System - Weed Dealer


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 130: Skalloween Spectacular 9

Welcome to The Ska Geek Skalloween Spectacular 9!!! I have some spooky ska tunes for this Halloween season. Thanks to the bands for their submissions. Time for the Sinister Skank!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Here are this episodes scary tracks:

00 The Great Pumpkin is a Fake

01 Stop the Presses - Dead Man's Party

02 Huge Puppies - The Walking Dead

03 The Skalogg's - Back from the Dead

04 SPAWN - Lunatics

05 Matamoska - Night of a 100 Frights

06 ¡Viva Mayhem! - Poltergeist

07 1592 - Midnight featureing Lola Morales

08 Bocs Social - That Moon

09 Royal Architects - Night Howler

10 Popes of Chillitown - Graveyard

11 Oingo Boingo - Open Eyes

12 What Do You Mean Stupid?


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 129: Skank It!

Hello! Welcome to Episode 129 of The Ska Geek Podcast. I have some great ska for you. I am excited to bring you some new tunes from a variety of styles of ska. Check out my two favorites: The Tremolites from London - check them out October 27th at Dublin Castle with Wendy Mays Locomotion & Rohan the Man and the band with the coolest name ever, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards. The Tremolites- Hans Gruber and the Die Hards-


Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. Hope you enjoy!


01 The Tremolites - Stranded

02 Dakka Skanks - Ska Rhythm

03 Neville & Sugary Staple - Original Rudegirl Sound

04 Dubious Roots - Demons

05 Hans Gruber and the Die Hards - We're All Gonna Die

06 Rudesix - Wet Wipe Boy

07 P-Funk North - Rewind The Crisis

08 King Kong Girio - Storm Of The Century

09 Quiet Dinosaurs - Uphill Battle


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 128: The Morty Morty Ricktones

Wubba Lubba Ska Ska Ska! Welcome to Episode 128 of The Ska Geek Podcast. I am back from vacation after 28 hours in a car with my kids. Lots of ska coming your way including a new song from Thirteen Towers taken from their new EP, 'Two Banana Habit' due out on August 25th. Check them out:


Hope you enjoy all the great tunes!

01 Thirteen Towers – Three Drinks In

02 The Interrupters - Leap of Faith

03 The Generators - City Of Angels

04 Dskarados - Camino Hacia Yuma

05 Forastero 89 - Panic Attack

06 Alexander & the Greats - Nobody Said Your Name

07 Pressure Boys - Off to Lake Tumont

08 United Balls - Rock Cafe

09 The Talks - All In A Day

10 Bocs Social - Radio

11 The Sentries - Renegade

12 Morah - Go


Enjoy! Skank on.

Episode 127: Rude Boys Otta Jail

Hello and welcome to Episode 127 of The Ska Geek Podcast. 
I have another eclectic mix of ska music from around 
the world. Classic sounds to modern ska. Come one, come 
all to the ska circus that is The Ska Geek Podcast!

Thanks to all the bands for there submissions and
some suggestions from my faithful listeners.


Here at this episodes tracks:
01 Thirteen Towers - Old Routine
02 Catbite -Come on Baby
03 Samurai Pizza Cats - Paris
04 The Classy Wrecks - Superman
05 Kerman - Fast Food
06 The No Name Ska Band - More Fire
07 Sound System Seven- Wots All This Then
08 Kaptain Bigg - Syndrome

09 Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - I'm So Sorry

10 King Kong Girio - When The Needle Drops
11 Ska-Waddy - Longshot
12 Truth in Soul - If I Only Knew Then

13 The Big Skandal - Barbed Wire Bouquet


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 126: Ska Kids Alliance International

Welcome to Episode 126 of The Ska Geek Podcast! I went deep in internet to find you some off beaten path ska bands. I am playing a few suggestions and some submissions. Thanks to our sponsor: Pick It Up Ska in the 90s Documentary. Check it out and support this awesome project:

Be sure and check out all the podcast on S.K.A. - Ska Kids Alliance Network:


Here are this episodes tracks:

00 Pick It Up - Ska in the 90s Movie

01 Fuska - Cuerno De Chivo

02 Matamoska - De Verdad

03 Guarapita - Sambil

04 Marasma General - Rocco & Billy

05 El bastón de la vieja -Supermercado

06 FOCOLITUS - Mastodontes

07 La Tarrancha - Acompaname

08 The Skartes - Notas negras

09 Butumbaba - Puerta Dimenzional ft. Actitud Maria Marta

10 David Hillyard & The Rocksteady Seven - Song of the Underground Railroad

11 ACKEEMAMA -Папа слон


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 125: Too Much Pressure

Welcome to Episode 125 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Bringing you the best in ska music. This month I have great new ska tunes from The Georgetown Orbits and Illegal States Brass Band plus a whole lot more. I am also excited to announce I will be teaming up with The Rude Boy Podcast to bring you the Ska Kids Alliance (S.K.A.) Podcast Network. Check them out on their site: and on soundcloud:


Stay tuned for more announcements from us. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions.


Here are this episodes tracks:

  • 00 The Ska Geek Intro

  • 01 Illegal States Brass Band - Gazebo More Low

  • 02 The Georgetown Orbits - Keep Your Chin Up

  • 03 Babylon Circus - Shout It Au Marché Des Illusions

  • 04 Red Carpets - Fire Fire

  • 05 Raska festa - Ni Piedad Ni Rendición (Ma Mejor Menos Pior)

  • 06 Dan P & The Bricks - Only Words

  • 07 The English Beat Starring Dave Wakeling - How Can You Stand There!


Enjoy. Skank On.

Episode 124: The Ska Geek Podcast: In Record Time

There's no need to fear. The Ska Geek is here! I am back for another episode of ska goodness for all the good rude boys and girls. Lots of great ska coming for you. Thanks to all the bands for their contributions. Special thanks for the sweet intro from Sgt. Scag. back with a new batch. Check them out:

  • Here are this episodes tunes:

  • 00 Ska Geek - Sgt. Scag Drops

  • 01 Sgt. Scagnetti - Funai

  • 02 Popes of Chillitown - Get Off / Get On

  • 03 Huge Puppies - Clockwise in the Roundabout

  • 04 Robot Manhattan - Take it Easy

  • 05 The Makeaways - It Ain't You

  • 06 Capone and The Bullets - Corner of My Eye

  • 07 Bolsa Estúdio - Lá é Melhor

  • 08 Sugary Staple & Neville Staple - When You Call My Name

  • 09 Maroon Town - Rebel


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 123: The Ska Geek Podcast: Cead mile failte!

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, it's The Ska Geek Podcast back again with some great selections of ska music. It's time to celebrate. Put on some great tunes and let's party!


As usual, thank you to all the bands and the great songs they sent in to the show. Special thanks to The Royal Architects from London, Ontario for keeping us rocking steady.


Here are this episodes great tracks:

  • 00 The Royal Architects - Ska Geek Intro

  • 01 The Royal Architects - Ride the Tide

  • 02 Undead Generation - We're The Youth

  • 03 ¡Viva Mayhem! - Better Strangers

  • 04 Chainska Brassika - Close Down

  • 05 Last Edition - This One

  • 06 DeadBeat At Dawn - Just Before Dawn

  • 07 Can't Say - Our Town

  • 08 The Skalogg's - Holy TV

  • 09 Josh and the Jamtones - Fun!

  • 10 Teuast - Skaravan


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 122: The Ska Geek Podcast: Ode to Burns

February 15, 2018

Hello and welcome to Episode 122 of The Ska Geek Podcast. It's been a long time coming but the sideburns are in full effect! Been working on them since Christmas. Oh yeah, and I've got some great ska for you.


Check out all these new discoveries I have found from around the globe. Great ska coming at you. Special thanks to System Seven and The Toy Box Brigade for there submissions and thanks to all the great bands on this episode.


  • Hope you enjoy it.

  • 01 Public Serpents - Not Forever

  • 02 Abraskadabra - The Dream

  • 03 Claypigeon - What Goes Up

  • 04 Strum 101 - Ghost of the Past

  • 05 Jacob Horn Trio - Catastrophic

  • 06 Pokemon Liberation Army - Lullaby

  • 07 The Toy Box Brigade - Down for the Count

  • 08 Holophonics - Sleepwalker

  • 09 Fake News - Se Desvanece (en aire)

  • 10 Punk Goes 8-Bit - Artificial Life

  • 11 Sound System Seven - Apocalypso

  • 12 the West Kensingtons - One


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 121: The Ska Geek Podcast: Welcome 2018, Happy New Year!

January 15, 2018

Happy New Year! Welcome to another year of ska with The Ska Geek. I have some great ska new and old from around the world lined up for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. Here's to another great year. Thanks for listening.

Here are this episodes great tracks:

01 Skamanians - Special Event

02 Unknown Skartist - Rettet die Wahlen

03 Susan Cadogan - I Don't Want Anybody But You

04 The Launchers - Dutty Mouth

05 Eric Daino - Years Into Seconds

06 PEG and The Rejected - Red, White, Black and Blue

07 The Fanculos - Nothing To Say

08 Trankilesha - Sabotage

09 San Blas Posse - Manifiesto II

10 Abraskadabra - Heavy Hitters

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 120: The Ska Geek Podcast: Happy Skalidays 8

December 15, 2017

HAPPY SKALIDAYS! Welcome to Episode 120 of The Ska Geek Podcast. I have a ska-punk filled good time for all the little good ska fans out there. Thanks to all the bands for there submissions.
Special thanks to SubPressure from Brie-Comte-Robert, France for the intro and awesome track. Check them out:
Bonus gift for your listening pleasure is the new track from the Boston-based ska, rocksteady and soul band The New Limits, "Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday".
Enjoy this season with friends and family.
This episodes rad tracks:
  • 00 Subpressure Ska Geek Intro
  • 01 Subpressure - John Doe
  • 02 The Vegetable Collective - Potato Man
  • 03 Blue Meanies - It Doesn’t Matter
  • 04 Skalapper - Soulmate
  • 05 Shaka - Stings
  • 06 Chieforia - Super Trip
  • 07 Ska's The Limit - Don't Waste Your Day
  • 08 The Bombers - Designated Driver
  • 09 Jokerface - Sticks and Stones
  • 10 Bishop Allen - You'll Never Find My Christmas

Episode 119: Skanksgiving Special 7- 2017

November 15, 2017

Welcome to Episode 119 of The Ska Geek Podcast! It's time to reflect on the past year and give thanks for all the good things in our lives. Thanks to all the fans of the show and especially to all the bands who make it possible. You are the best. So, here are a bunch of new tunes plus some recent classics.
Special thanks to the lads in Heavyball for the intro and awesome new track from their new ablum "When Can You Start". Additional thanks to Epic 18 for their track and promo.
Here are this episodes sweet tracks:
  • 00 Heavyball Intro
  • 01 Heavyball - People Person
  • 02 The Rudimentals - Radio Skaweto
  • 03 Serotonina Ska Banda - Bellezón
  • 04 Love is a Fist - Spread the News 2 
  • 05 Amateur Athletes - A World Of Difference
  • 06 The Brass Action - Wreckless
  • 07 Epic 18 - Ska Geek Promo
  • 08 Epic 18 - Day is Done
  • 09 Beat The Smart Kids - So Much To Say
  • 10 Wild Man Riddim - World Frequency
  • 11 The Arsenals - Jump Up Jamaica
  • 12 Reggae Workers of the World - The Nose
  • 13 Bakesys - If You Ain't Got It (You'll Never Get It)
  • 14 DonutShoes - Nine Fire
Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 118: The Ska Geek Skalloween Spectacular 8

October 15, 2017

It's The Ska Geek Skalloween Spectacular. Let's listen to some spooky ska tunes and get ready to consume copious amounts of creepy candies. Thanks to all the bands for their ghoulishly good tunes. Have fun and stay safe out there!


Be sure and check out my Halloween tshirts while you are at it and get one for your costume:

Here are this episodes frightful tracks:


  • 01 The Closers - Zombie Ska

  • 02 Dead Rejects - Bury Me

  • 03 SPAWN - Voodoo

  • 04 The Rifffs - Jack The Ripper

  • 05 Sea Bass Kid - Halloween

  • 06 Hempsteadys - Bela Lugosi

  • 07 Victor's Lament - Ghost House

  • 08 Pressure Boys - Hallows Eve

  • 09 Oingo Boingo - Something Isn't Right


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 117: Support Your Local Ska Band

September 15, 2017

Here comes the fall season, back to school and back to some awesome ska music - Episode 117 of The Ska Geek Podcast. I’ve got a bunch of new ska including an exclusive track from Grand Rapids, MI own, Dance Contraption. The track will be featured on a an upcoming split from The Scants and Dance Contraption "Scants Contraption” due out in November.


Also check out the title track from The Selecter’s upcoming album “Frontline” due out in October.


Thanks to all the bands for their contributions. Check them out and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SKA BAND!


Here are this episodes awesome tracks:


  • 01 Dance Contraption - Catharsis

  • 02 Cartoon Violence - Serpico

  • 03 The Waffle Stompers - The Grass Isn't Getting any Greener

  • 04 Wicked Bees - Time Sweet Time

  • 05 The Seleter - Frontline

  • 06 Three Minute Hero - So Strange

  • 07 LODD - Les meilleurs amis

  • 08 Escape Plan - We Are All Apes

  • 09 Darkbuster - No Revolution

  • 10 Downfall - New Regulation


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 116: Support Your Local Ska Band

August 15, 2017

Welcome to The Ska Geek Podcast Episode 116! It's coming to the end of #SkaSummer so get out there and Support Your Local Ska Band on tour. Buy a shirt or sticker and support this podcast:

Thanks to all the bands for their submissions especially Ska Geek favorites and this month's sponsor, The Stiff Joints from Kidderminster, DY. Check out their new album:


Here area all of this episodes tracks:

01 The Kingpins - The Kingpin

02 The Hempsteadys - Pharoah

03 Velveteen Band - Holiday

04 Kill Lincoln - Second Cities

05 The Stiff Joints - Pop A Knocker

06 Snail Ramp PV - BMW

07 Runaway Kid - Runaway

08 Norsk Rakk - Skarpladd

09 Half Past Two - So Cal Summer

10 Regular Of The Obscene - Self Denial

11 Matsuri - Matsuri


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 115: The Rebel Fleet

July 15, 2017

#SkaSummer is in full effect and it's time for Episode 115 of The Ska Geek Podcast. Our sponsor for this episode is Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation. A big thank you for their submission and support! Check them out:


Thanks to all the other bands as well for their great music. I have

some new songs, some classics and everything in between.


Here are this episodes sweet tracks:

  • 01 Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation - Mission

  • 02 King Kong 4 - Lesson Learned (and Now I Know)

  • 03 The Boilers - The Boilers

  • 04 Pressure Boys - Tina Goes to the Supermarket

  • 05 Graduate - Elvis Should Play Ska

  • 06 Sean Arawjo - Lens

  • 07 Mr. Furious - Mr. Savage

  • 08 It Gets Worse - Cool Kids

  • 09 Crisis Crayons - Single Serving Friend

  • 10 Andere Koek! - Smartphone

  • 11 Leftover Bowlskis - Blue Dream

  • 12 The Closers - Going Nowhere

  • 13 Grey Matter - Knots

Episode 114: Badge of Honor

June 14, 2017

This episode is brought to you by our sponsor and supporter

all the way from the Mediterranean island of Malta, The Rifffs.

I played their song “Moonstomp” back on Episode 89 after finding them on youtube. I contacted them and they sent me their CDs in the mail and I haven’t stopped listening since. So, big thanks to them. Check them out: you won’t be disappointed.


So, the year is half over and we have heard a lot of great ska! Time to bring you some new music mixed with some recent hits. Hope you enjoy the mix! Special thanks also to Caz for her wonderful song and Susan Cadogan for her contribution, as well as all the other groups. I am honored these bands want to be included on my podcast. If your band wants to be on the show and be heard around the world, contact me: Send over your CD or digital download. I would love to have you on the show!


Here are this episodes sweet tracks:

  • 01 Caz - It's Gonna Be Alright

  • 02 Susan Cadogan - Truth Talkin'

  • 03 The Rifffs - Whole Lot of Nothing

  • 04 The Steady Electric - Raise'm in the Air

  • 05 Bandito - Day Labor

  • 06 Mr. Wallace - Too Rude For You

  • 07 Sweet Babylon - Overworked and Underpaid

  • 08 Privileged The Band - Can't Be True

  • 09 Bad Timing - Kill Your TV

  • 10 Regular Of The Obscene - Guilty Mind

  • 11 Ghouls - Live


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 113: Hard Core

May 15, 2017

This episode of The Ska Geek Podcast is brought to you by:

Creative Control with Joe Feeney

For the best in pro-wrestling news, interviews and commentary.

It's time for an all new Episode of The Ska Geek Podcast featuring great ska! Thanks to all the bands for their submissions. I especially recommend Heavyball, a great band based in London. Be sure and check out their albums. I have been listening non-stop.

Here are this episodes amazing tracks:

  • 01 Heavyball - Another Country

  • 02 Bitter Grounds - Tell Me Now

  • 03 Skandalism - Stitches (For You)

  • 04 The Vagabonds- Reality TV

  • 05 Bumsy and The Moochers - Chicago Avenue

  • 06 Kill Lincoln - I'm Getting Too Old For This Sh!t

  • 07 Fever Dream - This Again

  • 08 Stork and the Baby Makers - Daily Valentines

  • 09 The Upside - Tears of a Clown

  • 10 Clockmakers - Did Anybody?

  • 11 Chainska Brassika feat. Toots - Don't You Try


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 112: Who Sent You?

April 15, 2017

This episode of The Ska Geek Podcast is brought to you by:

Creative Control with Joe Feeney

For the best in pro-wrestling news, interviews and commentary.

Happy Easter! It's time to enjoy some great ska music. A bit of something for everyone in your basket: ska, ska-punk and rocksteady. Thanks to all the bands for their submissions.

Check them out and support your local ska band.

This episodes awesome tracks:

  • 01 Eric Daino - No Backup Plan

  • 02 Codename Colin - Just A Day

  • 03 Call Me Malcolm - Killing Spree

  • 04 Be Like Max - Sin City Rude Kids

  • 05 Just Say Nay - Thinkers

  • 06 The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Set Fire Set Us Free

  • 07 Blood or Whiskey - Rudy

  • 08 The Spitfires - Suburban Cries Dub

  • 09 Karikatura - Suitcase

  • 10 Ejectes - Les Copains d'Abord

Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 111: Ska Geek the Rudeboy

March 15, 2017

READY! Time for some great ska tunes from The Ska Geek. Special thanks to the Bakesys and congratulations on 20th anniversary of their debut album!


Enjoy all the songs from these awesome bands:

  • 01 Hideki Naganuma - Sonic Rush - Ska Cha Cha!

  • 02 The Screw-Ups - Reach Out

  • 03 The Bakesys - Sunnyside Up

  • 04 Sea Bass Kid - Ginger Stare

  • 05 Mad Dog & The 20-20s - Good Company

  • 06 The Big News - Loganio

  • 07 The Brass Action - Take it From the Top

  • 08 May Weather - Heartbreak Hotel

  • 09 Victor's Lament - Prelude (To A Life Well Lived)

  • 10 The Sensibles - The Night The Stranger Came To Town

  • 11 The West Kensingtons - Sea Salt


Enjoy! Skank on.

Episode 110: Always Time For Ska!

February 15, 2017

Hello and welcome to Episode 110 of The Ska Geek Podcast! I have a new sponsor, Creative Control Podcast with Joe Feeney: If you are into professional wrestling or a fan of backyard wrestling, check out this podcast for wrestling News, Interviews and Commentaries. Support his podcast, buy a shirt I designed for him:

Alright, get ready for some great ska music! I've got new music from Less Than Jake, WANK, At Both Ends, and Threat Level Burgundy. Special thanks to 12 Cents for Marvin for the opening intro.


Here are this episodes awesome tracks:

  • 00 12 Cents for Marvin - Ska Geek Intro

  • 01 12 Cents for Marvin - The Way

  • 02 Less Than Jake - Whatever The Weather

  • 03 Timothy Dhalleine - El Ska Del Franchute

  • 04 WANK - Blue Skies

  • 05 Threat Level Burgundy - Face Off

  • 06 Must Build Jacuzzi - Chicken Tenders Taste Best When Eaten With Friends

  • 07 At Both Ends - Burning the Candle

  • 08 Rude Boy George - Things Can Only Get Better

  • 09 Bocs Social - Abbey Street 10 Moon Bandits - Something Better


Enjoy! Skank on.

Episode 109: Welcome 2017. New Year, New Ska!

January 15, 2017

Welcome 2017 with great ska!

Here are this episodes awesome tracks:


  • 00 Greg Lee - Ska Geek Intro

  • 01 Hepcat - Comin on Strong

  • 02 The Keystone Ska Exchange - Ska Swagger

  • 03 The Captivators - Odessa

  • 04 Stop Press! - Shine So Bright

  • 05 Radio Revuelta - Larga-vida

  • 06 Slime Kings - Redemption Fight

  • 07 And the Wasters - Lion's Share

  • 08 The Nefidovs - Atta Boy

  • 09 Drunk In Charge - Tuner

  • 10 Joystick - Look Out Below

Enjoy! Skank on.

Episode 108: Happy Ska-lidays 6

December 15, 2016

Happy Ska-lidays! My gift to you is great ska!

  • 00 Peg Ska Geek Radio Tag

  • 01 Peg and the Rejected - Sound So Soothing

  • 02 Behind Deadlines - Optimism

  • 03 Oferta Especial - Mientras tanto

  • 04 Skapangas - O Arremate

  • 05 Karmelo Santo - Hoy

  • 06 King Chango - Full Time Business

  • 07 Death of Guitar Pop- 01 Rickety Old Train

  • 08 Orphan Town - Delroy The Rude Boy Reindeer

Merry Christmas! Skank on.

Episode 107: Happy Skanksgiving 6

November 15, 2016

Welcome to The Ska Geek Podcast Skanksgiving Special! I have a lot to be thankful for - a great family, great fans and great bands to listen to. Special thanks to SPAWN! Be sure and check out the full album from Netherlands own ska band-

Enjoy some time with family and friends. Have some turkey, tofurkey or salad and stuffing or filling depending on your persuasion, and listen to some great ska!


Here are this episodes tasty tracks:

  • 00 SPAWN - Ska Geek Intro

  • 01 SPAWN - Back on Track

  • 02 The Ironies - Inocentes

  • 03 SN Dubstation - Hey Now

  • 04 MSH SKA - Hit the Ground

  • 05 el Gran Zarpazo - Paraque

  • 06 The Big Ska Band - Big Mouth

  • 07 Four on the Floor - Mach 5

  • 08 Cho Loco - Goin' Loco feat. Forty Ounces

  • 09 Imperial Leisure - Lucky People

  • 10 The Circle City Deacons - Never Going Back

  • 11 Ska Geek Outro


Enjoy. Skank on!

Episode 106: Skalloween Spectacular 6

October 15, 2016

Time for spooky ska tunes. Enjoy while trick-or-treating or at your Halloween party.

  • 00 Skalloween Intro

  • 01 Boy Meets Robot - The Robots Will Kill Us All

  • 02 Smiling Ivy - Trick or Treat

  • 03 Tijuana Brooks - In The Dead Night

  • 04 Dimestore Skanks - Grave Robber

  • 05 Dead Rejects - Bury Me

  • 06 The 4 Aspirin Morning - Cemetery Song

  • 07 Zombies of Ska - Skalloween

  • 08 Two Thousands Flushes - 3-D Terror

  • 09 Dead Legends - Wolves

  • 10  BrainDead - Scream When You Burn

  • 11 Skalloween Outro

Enjoy. Skank on.

September 15, 2016

  • 01 Old Radio - Move Out

  • 02 Ska3 - Trippy Cake

  • 03 BluSKA - Wojna na Slowa

  • 04 Sklatasangs - Canal Camps

  • 05 King Sub - Road Less Traveled

  • 06 The Skatastrophics - All for You

  • 07 Splitters - Spanish Bombs

  • 08 The Brothers Ignatius - Twilight Zone

  • 09 Cabstars - Get Free Of

Episode 104: Geex Not Dead

August 15, 2016

  • 00 Dance Contraption Ska Geek Station ID

  • 01 Dance Contraption - Burn This Town

  • 02 Crash the Owl Party - Theme Song

  • 03 J. Navarro & the Traitors - New America

  • 04 No Project Band - City Lights

  • 05 Flip and The Combined Effort - Sphere of Living

  • 06 The Beat feat. Ranking Roger - Walking On The Wrong Side

  • 07 Free Lobster Buffet - H Street Burns

  • 08 dubistry - Roll Away

  • 09 The West Kensingtons - When The Walls Fell

Episode 103: Ska Geek is Go!

July 15, 2016

Hello and welcome to Episode 103 of The Ska Geek Podcast! I've got even more great ska for you from some great bands. Included are all types from the first wave to third wave that everyone can enjoy! Brazzmatazz is particularly sweet. Be sure and check out more from them: and


Thanks to Drop Steady for the opening promo.


Check out this episodes tracks:

  • 00 Drop Steady- The Ska Geek Promo

  • 01 Drop Steady- Souls Alive

  • 02 Fat ToFU- 9 to 5

  • 03 The Fuss- Let’s Go

  • 04 The Phantoms- Woman Trouble

  • 05 The Classy Wrecks- Change Your Mind (ft. Alex Fecteau)

  • 06 1592- Stepping on a Stone

  • 07 The Simmertones- Simmer down

  • 08 The Upstarters- Kissing Love

  • 09 The Fabulous Rudies- Keep On Movin

  • 10 RAPID- Tequila Sunset

  • 11 Brazzmatazz- Zopje


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 102: The Locals

June 15, 2016

What's up everybody? Welcome to Episode 102 of The Ska Geek Podcast, early. This month we are listening to bands local to me on the East Coast. Check out all these great bands! Special thanks to Party Like It's from Maryland for the opening promo and this month's sponsor: If you would like to donate and become a sponsor click the "PayPal DONATE" button to the right.


Here are this episodes great tunes:

  • 01 Party Like It's - Intro

  • 02 Party Like It's, MD - Clockwork Lover

  • 03 Too Short Notice, NJ - Never Again

  • 04 Poor Fred Noonan, PA - Beginning of the End

  • 05 Backyard Superheroes, NJ - My Fault

  • 06 Fink's Constant, PA - Because

  • 07 Ruder Than You, PA- On A String

  • 08 Bigger Thomas, NJ- Kings Of The Klub

  • 09 King Django, NJ- I Promised

  • 10 The Evokatones, MD - Want From Me

  • 11 The American Myth, PA- Room to Improve

  • 12 Dead Rejects, NJ- Insane


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 101: Hey, Mr. DJ!

May 15, 2016

  • 01 Ska Geek Episode- Outro

  • 02 Slapstickers - What Madness

  • 03 Sonic Boom Six - Do What You Wanna Do


  • 05 Thirteen Towers - Take One For the Team

  • 06 Pouffy-Poup - FIRE

  • 07 les Gueules Noires - Friends

  • 08 The Abruptors - Rise & Fall

  • 09 The Imperial Walkers - Back on the Sandcrawler

  • 10 Copper Crown - Summer Haze

  • 11 Rude Boy George - Tainted Love


  • 13 Ska Geek Episode- Outro

Episode 100: 5 Years, 100 Episodes!

April 15, 2016

The Ska Geek Podcast celebrates 5 years and 100 episodes! Thanks to everyone for listening.

  • 01 The Ska Geek - Thank you!

  • 02 Jesse Rudeboy George - Congrats

  • 03 Ska Geek Episode - Intro

  • 04 Mike Park- Congrats

  • 05 Bullbuckers - Congrats

  • 06 Ska Freaks - Carry Out

  • 07 Faintest Idea - Cocktails

  • 08 Coolie Ranx - Congrats

  • 09 Will Galotti / Baccone Dolce - Congrats

  • 10 UK Feds - Papers

  • 11 The Mushmen - This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

  • 12 Tuesday After School - Lost Boys

  • 13 Finks Constant- Congrats

  • 14 Sorry Sweetheart - Expectations

  • 15 Masons Arms - Du Sagst Nein

  • 16 JJ Loy  / Ska's the Limit KDHX 88.1- Congrats

  • 17 Brian Hiebel / Duppies - Congrats

  • 18 THE STRiKE - War Zone

  • 19 La Tomasa Ska Band - Skachanilla

  • 20 The Abruptors - Congrats

  • 21 The Ambassadors - Congrats

  • 22 The Pressure Droppers - Sweeten Up

  • 23 Love is a Fist - Rebel Music

  • 24 23Min of Ska / Rad Jose - Congrats

  • 25 K Paul Boyev / The Apes FLA - Congrats

  • 26 Smooth Beans - Don't Let It Go

  • 27 Ska Geek Episode- Outro

Episode 99: Moonstomp

March 15, 2016

  • 00 Dilip N The Davs - Ska Geek Intro

  • 01 Dilip N The Davs - Reggae Gone

  • 02 Pengurians - Italian Mods

  • 03 The Georgetown Orbits - Crazy Horse

  • 04 The Kinky Coo Coo's - Hunch Beat

  • 05 Death In the Arena - Raritan Bone Rattle

  • 06 A Million Bamboo - Sun-Sun

  • 07 Matilda bohemia - BONTOAMOR

  • 08 Rebel N The Coffemixs - Sambut-kembali

  • 09 Sweet Lucy - Can't Catch A Break

  • 10 Skatala - Skatalahits

  • 11 Faintest Idea - Circling The Drain

  • 12 Matt Wixson's Flying Circus - Let's Get Sick!

  • 13 The Movement - Fools Like You

Episode 98: Ska Kids Unite!

February 15, 2016

  • 00 The New Limits - Ska Geek Spot

  • 01 The New Limits - You're Not Ready

  • 02 The Copacetics - Blood From A Stone

  • 03 The Abruptors - Anything In This World

  • 04 Neighbors - Sound Sharp

  • 05 The Paradimes - I Am

  • 06 Inter City Crazy Train - Sometimes I Want The Bad Guy To Win

  • 07 Lead Shot Hazard - Grids & Markers

  • 08 Help! Police! - A La Incompetence

  • 09 Heavyball - Black Eye Friday

Episode 97: Welcome 2016! Happy Rude Year!

January 15, 2016

  • 00 Ragtag Romantics Intro

  • 01 Ragtag Romantics - One Thing After Another

  • 02 The Slackers - The Boss

  • 03 Heavensbee - You Put Me On

  • 04 Manwel T - Cosmic

  • 05 Chainska Brassika - Bad Habits

  • 06 GOGO13 - Free Agent

  • 07 Stacked Like Pancakes - Planetary

  • 08 China Shop Bull - Serotonin Bomb

  • 09 Monkey Business Sextet - Песок (Sand)

  • 10 No Vertebrae - Our Time

Episode 96: Ska Wars Holiday Special

December 19, 2015

‪Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra -  Imperial Reggae‬
‪Space Bells (ska Star wars)‬
‪Rico - Ska Wars‬
Chattanooga Ska Orchestra - Star Wars Theme‬
‪Lions Club - Throne Room Ska
Ska Wars (cLuMsY @ 100 Club - 13.01.12)
Marcha Imperial de Star Wars en Cumbia‬
Blinking Underdogs - ‪Trailer Park‬

Episode 95: A Scooter for Jimmy

November 15, 2015

00 Vinnie from Less Than Jake Ska Geek Promo
01 Less Than Jake - Give Me Something to Believe In
02 Bears! Bears! Bears! - Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Stop Sniffing Glue
03 Behind Deadlines - Unfalling Apart
04 Atomic Potato - We are Broke! Let's Tour!
05 Millie Manders - Teddy
06 Josh and The Jamtones - Rocksteady
07 Chainska Brassika - Knowledge Is King
08 Raylan Boyd - Trainspotting Again

Episode 94: Skalloween Special 2015

October 15, 2015

00 Only Zuul
00 Ska Geek Podcast ID - JT Turret
01 Jay Tea - Elizabeth Bathory
02 GOGO 13 - Monster
03 Rhoda Dakar - The Ghost Of The Vox Continental
04 The Soulsteppers - Mars Invasion
05 The Apes FLA - Apes Take Manhattan
05 Umbrella Bed - Two Tone Monster
06 Skankin Pickle - Smorgasborgnine
07 Skankshot - Braineating Zombies From Area 51
08 Maxwell Smart - Zombies!
09 Storming Stages & Stereos - New Age Alchemy
10 Danny Elfman - It Only Makles Me Laugh
11 Mass Hysteria

Episode 93: Ska Authentic

September 15, 2015

Welcome to Episode 93 of The Ska Geek Podcast.

Time flies when you are kranking ska!  
This time around we have brand new ska from Beneath the Reef

and great songs from Abruptors, High School Football Heroes and

Orphan Killbot!

Special thanks to the guys in Beneath the Reef! Go pick up their
new EP “Bring the A Game” on bandcamp:

00 Beneath the Reef - Ska Geek Intro
01 Beneath the Reef - 21-12-12 02 Bargain Bin Heroes - My Day

03 The Uptones - Get Out Of My Way

04 The Abruptors - Not A Love Song
05 At The Space Jam - The Shore Shark Redemption

06 High School Football Heroes - Time Slipped Away

07 Queen Victoria and the Free Radicals - Wake Up Call

08 The Kirkz - 1998

09 Diego Trejo - Avispas

10 The Nefidovs - Set Faces to Stunned - Absent Jackets

11 Orphan Killbot - Intervention


Enjoy. Skank on.

Episode 92: Skaboom!

July 15, 2015

00 Freecoasters - Show Up Podcast Ad

01 Freecoasters - Swim

02 The Hacklers - Always on My Mind

03 Fever Dream - This Girl Mary

04 Finks Constant - A New Rudy

04 Zero 2 Panic - Hey Thanks

05 Short Handed Goal -  Adapt & Survive

07 Poor Jeremy - ADTR

08 Party Like It's - The Boys of Summer

09 The Kings - Riot in the Alleyway

10 Paprika - Cancio n de los Pibes (vivo)

11 Sundown - New Girl

Episode 91: Get Rad!

June 15, 2015

00 The Ska Geek Podcast Promo - Jesse RBG

01 Rude Boy George - Always Something There To Remind Me

02 The Delegators - Nowhere To Run

03 Abruptors - Don't Worry

04 Steady Legend - Answers

05 The Kubricks - Ghosts

06 Those Fine Strangers - Tonight

07 Cut Capers - Lighter

08 The Bar Stool Preachers - Bar Stool Preacher

09 Out of Step! - Get a Grip!

10 Skapienz - Sin Dolor

11 Elguato - Tu Mujer

Episode 90: Tetsuo!

May 15, 2015

01 Freeze Up - Destroy Your World
02 B!tch N Dudes - Zombies
03 The Vulnerable - Fighting Complacency
04 Bombs on Demand - Ok Ska
05 Rotten Blue Menace - Rotten Blue Crue
06 Out of Step! - Get a Grip!
07 Seven Thirty Seven - Ska-Boom!
08 Beat The Smart Kids - Rudie
09 Half Past Two - Mastering Karate
10 The Suppressors - Jump Up Girl
11 THe OzSkas -  Hypocrisy
12 Millie Manders - Little Big Mouth

Episode 89: Answer the Questions

April 15, 2015

Epiosde 88: Wingtips

April 15, 2015

"Well, I heard that news from the man in the street, Your shades are dope, 
Your Doc's are sweet."

Hey you? Do you like ska? I thought so. I have some great ska for you this episode. Special thanks to Monkey for the prize pack and the opening promo!

As always, Support Your Local Ska Band- 

Here are this episodes tracks: 
01 Monkey - You're becoming a Jerk 
02 Waxed Curbs - Maximillian Sterling 
03 La Noche Oskura - Noche Oskura 
04 EZZO - Gina Wild 
05 Gangsters - Easylife 
06 Ed Rome (feat. Freddie Notes) - Don't Believe The Hype 
07 Dr. Ring Ding -Dibby Sound Boy 
08 Death In the Arena - Can I Change My Mind 
09 Neville Staple - Roadblock

Episode 87: Rally!

March 15, 2015

Welcome to Episode 87 of the Ska Geek Podcast. 
I am celebrating 20 years of listening to ska! 
Thanks to all my friends and listeners for showing 
great bands to listen to. A big thank you to Coolie 
Ranx of Pilfers for the opening track and the prize 
pack given away on my facebook page. 

Here are this episodes rad tracks: 
01 Pilfers - Nothing's Ever Good Enough 
02 FELLA - Bunny Boiler
03 Chilled Monkey Brains - Mongoose 
04 Maxwell Smart - Who I Wanna Be 
05 Scott's Run - Small D 
06 Suburbia-EC - Skasillo 
07 Capone and The Bullets - Girl
08 Liam and the Ladies - Vengeance 
09 Cold Spot 8 - I Could Be Wrong 
10 The Skints - This Town ft. Tippa Irie and Horseman 

Plays on Podomatic: 611

Episode 86: The Rocksteady Beat

February 15, 2015

Hey hey! It's Episode 86 of The Ska Geek podcast. 
Check out my spreadshirt shop for the new Rocksteady 
beat shirt: 

Here are this episodes awesome tracks: 
00 Brass Action Contest Winner 
00 Seven Thirty Seven Promo 
01 Seven Thirty Seven - The Nest 
02 The Brass Action - Jack Kerouac 
03 Taj Motel Trio - Burn it Down! 
04 Unbearable Slackers - Liquor Up Front, Poker In The Back 
05 Fuerza Kanguro - Fuera de Control 
06 A.R.T.S. - Rude Up! 
07 The Amphetameanies - Fiend Or Foe 
08 The Main Street Sweep - Going Back To Mary 
09 Manwel T - Boombastic Ska 
10 Kioko - I'm Attracted

Plays on Podomatic: 719

Episode 85: BOOTS BRIGADE. Skank & Destroy!

January 15, 2015

Here's a great mix of ska for your listening pleasure. Thanks to 
Stacy from The Resignators for the opening promo! Hope you enjoy. 
As always, Support Your Local Ska Band/Support this podcast- go 
to a show, buy an album, get some merch.

Here are this episodes great tracks: 
01 The Resignators - Booze and Tattoos 
02 Too Short Notice - Go On, Get Out of Here 
03 The Offenders - Coventry Rebels 
04 Thirteen Towers - The End 
05 Sketchie - Radio Groove 
06 Baked Potatoes - Quicksand 
07 Freeze Up - Green 
08 Jahnopa - Stay Away 
09 Aggressors BC - Plight

Episode 83: Happy Skanksgiving 4

November 15, 2014

It's time again to give thanks for the blessings in our lives. 
I want to personally thank everyone for all their support 
and listening to The Ska Geek Podcast. Special thanks 
to Philadelphia based Behind Deadlines for the promo.
 Be sure and check them out:
Here are this episodes great tracks: 
00 Behind Deadlines - Ska Geek Promo 
01 Behind Deadlines - Long Way Down 
02 Rude Boy George - The Metro 
03 Big Dog Small Fence - Human 
04 Fink's Constant - Reggie 
05 Fatter Than Albert - Not Tonight 
06 Stuck Lucky - Unicorn Family Picnic 
07 Villainy of Thieves - Dying Song 
08 Suicide Machines - S.O.S. 
09 Golf Cart Rebellion - Sight For Sore Eyes 
10 The Holophonics - Wake Me Up Hey Brother 
11 The Snails - Where I'm Bound 
12 Smooth Beans - Numbers Without Face 
13 Wailers - Rude Boy

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Episode 82: Skalloween Spectacular 2014!

October 15, 2014

There's only one way to kill a werewolf. If you don't have 
silver bullets, kick him in the 
It's time again for The Ska Geek Skalloween Spectacular! 
Presenting some great tracks for your Skalloween Party. 
Check out and support all the bands especially go and get 
the new Rancid album. It is awesome.

Here are this year's ghoulish tracks: 
00 Wolfman's Got Nards! 
01 Rancid - Evil's My Friend 
02 The Ting Tings - Soul Killing 
03 Duppies - Ghost of San Jaun Hill 
04 The Scofflaws - Nightmare 
05 Streetlight Manifesto - Down, Down, Down To Mephisto's Cafe 
06 Four Minute Warning - Chimera 
07 The Troobadours - El Diablo 
08 Still Alive - My Own Hell 
09 Ghetto Blaster - Zombie State 
10 The Toasters - Spooky Graveyard

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