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The Ska Geek: Episode 150:

We Did It! 150 Episodes.

HEEEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Welcome to the 150th Episode of The Ska Geek Podcast. Who would have ever thought I would have been doing this for 9 years and 150 Episodes? Thank you to all who support, contribute and listen to the podcast and help make the mixtape that is my show. It has also been about finding new bands, making new friends and playing great ska from around the world. This episode is no exception. Check out all the great bands:


Half Past Two - Lyin Eyes

The Players Band - Who's That?

Last Edition - Shorts Until September

Pussycat Doghouse - Ask For The Banana You Want

Esaopa - Circus

Stop Drop N' Skank - Ritalin Rock

Spinazo Ska - I Lost the Name of the Song, Sorry.

Fighting Evil Is Cool! - Sky Pirates

Call Me Malcolm - What You Burn

Legal Disaster - Self Condemned


Enjoy. Skank On.

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The Ska Geek
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Monthly podcast by the Ska Geek, James Volpe. I play 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave ska and beyond- new and old. If it's ska, then yeah I like it and play it. I am based in Mount Joy, PA USA.

Looking for up and coming bands to feature on the podcast. Send your songs and we'll feature your band on an upcoming episode!

The Ska Geek, James Volpe

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