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Episode 179: Happy Skalidays! 2022 The Vulpus

Episode 179: Happy Skalidays! 2022

Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas and to what did my wandering eyes should appear but The Ska Geek Podcast! I hope this finds everyone well. I am bringing some great ska goodies from around the world to listen to for the Skaliday. Thanks to all the awesome bands for their submissions. A little something for everyone. Hope you enjoy, Happy Skalidays to one and all!


Here are this episodes great songs:

00 Don't Drink the Kool-Aid 

01 Millington- Christmas Song (Don't Want to Hear Another) 

02 Lesdystics- Forced 

03 Cheekyelf- Checkmate 

04 The Kubricks- Resistance 

05 A Mucky Fumble with Rudebeard- The Devil You Know 

06 Ska Petarda- Dwjka 

07 Dakka Skanks- Life Officer 

08 Kompromitacja- Solidny fundament 

09 SKAcowani- 500 

10 The Amalgamated- Golden Moon  


Enjoy. Skank on.

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Monthly podcast by the Ska Geek, James Volpe. I play 1st, 2nd and 3rd wave ska and beyond- new and old. If it's ska, then yeah I like it and play it. I am based in Mount Joy, PA USA.

Looking for up and coming bands to feature on the podcast. Send your songs and we'll feature your band on an upcoming episode!

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