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24 Hour Punks - Fighting Cancer

24 Hour Punks are a charity supergroup featuring members of The Bar Stool Preachers, Millie Manders, Popes of Chillitown, Call Me Malcolm, Tree House Fire!, Skaciety and Battleska Galactica.

From Luke (Call Me Malcolm): "My Father-in-Law passed away in January after a very one sided, four month fight with Cholangiacarcinoma, which is an incredibly aggressive form of cancer. It’s not a disease you hear about unless you’ve been affected in some way, there are only 2000 cases a year, so I became desperate to make people aware and raise money for AMMF who remain the sole charity fightin...g back. I originally came up with an idea to write and perform a show in 24 hours, but realised that promoting a gig with a headliner that had literally never been in a room together might be a tall order, hence the EP was born. I started by drafting a dream lineup of musicians I’d met over the years with Call Me Malcolm. At some point I’ve watched each of the 24 Hour Punks play in their respective bands and just been in awe. Arvin’s (Popes of Chillitown) an unbelievable bassist. Aiden (Skaciety) is one of the most talented up and coming musicians I’ve ever met. Millie (Millie Manders and The Shutup) and TJ (The Bar Stool Preachers) are the most insanely dominant vocalists with this infectious energy and spirit. I played and recorded with Pierre in Battleska Galactica years ago, so knew he had the skills to record in the time limit (he was dubbed by the other 24 Hour Punk “The Human Metronome”!) But the key to making the project work was Oz Craggs (Hidden Track Studios) who is an incredible producer. 24 Hour Punks were made better by every single person’s presence.

They recorded an EP -written, rehearsed and recorded in 24 Hours!

Help support a great cause, visit to download & donate and go to for more info

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